Free maps after all?

Florent THIERY fthiery at
Thu Feb 8 14:49:17 CET 2007

Yes, but consider it differently:

You are at home and you're going to go soon somewhere. Before going, your
handset is connected to Internet using usblan or bluetooth, and you plan
your trip; the app asks you where you want to go, fetches gps info for the
starting point, and caches all the needed maps for the way. When you travel,
it gives you directions. It's more travel planning than real GPS mapping.

If you're lost, you bring up the gprs line and do the same thing; one can
imagine a lighter version (text-only?) Do you really need maps ALL the time?
Well, more when you plan to travel or when you're lost / looking for
something. That's why i thing it can be interesting to adpot a ponctual
point of view.

But what if you are in a remote area without wireless access, i.e. when you
> need the maps most?

I don't know for the entire world, but in my country i can get a gprs
connection averywhere...

I'd rather be safe and have 1 GB of map data on my mobile, ready when I need
> it.

Yup, but 1 GB of maps is quite a big part of the storage cake... What area
would 1 GB of map device cover in your opinion (in a dense area)?
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