T-Mobile finagling advice?

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I've been looking into this issue in a related way.

One of the biggest opportunities for the Neo will be writing mobile
oriented data retreval and sync applications using gps/GPRS.  

For example, imagine an application that uses GPS location information to
determine your car's proximity to your favorite grocery store on your way
home.  When you get to within 5 miles of the store, your Neo uses the GPRS
to access a personal website page where your spouse keeps a grocery list.
If there are any items on the list, the application downloads the and
alerts you via your bluetooth earbud.

Unfortunatly, It looks to me like T-Mobile is currently not interested in
letting its pre-paid customers use GPRS to go anywhere outside their Silly
T-Zones walled garden.

If anyone has any insight into T-Mobile's awareness of the Neo and if they
realize that they have a terrific opportunity ahead to network enable this
amazing phone, I'd sure like to hear about it.

Yes, and I'm one of those people that believe that "Contracts are for

Alan McSwain
Alan at rotorgraphics.com

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I have  T-mobile prepaid, but went into Cingular yesterday to get my 'free
phone', which I use on their prepaid plan.  T-mobile's prepaid  is better,
by the way.  I am in US.

 Cingular/AT&T's TDMA service is being discontinued end of march in this
area.  Cingular wants us to switch to GSM. The 'free phone' with rebate
offered as bait to TDMA customers.
 The free phone is a Motorola.   I do have a Nokia with my T-Mobile that
can be unlocked.  I plan to unlock my Nokia and try the Cingular SIM in it.
I now have a SIM for both Cingular and T-Mobile...ready to try in the Neo.

If I brought in an unlocked phone, I  was told by the Cingular rep., that I
could get the SIM without having to purchase a phone, but that only the
calling function would work on the unlocked phone...none of their other
functions.  Not really sure what that means other that I could only call
out and receive call in. I am guessing that with the open Neo, it would not


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