Neo Recycling Program (not too important, but something to think about...)

Ryan Kline radryan214 at
Sun Feb 11 03:08:09 CET 2007

Being an Apple customer, I hate to buy Apple products because i know  
that my product will be updated very shortly after my purchase. With  
OpenMoko, I really, really, want the first generation Neo, but, Sean  
has already set a target release date for the 2nd generation of the  
phone. I am so conflicted. So, I propose a "Neo Recycling Program" in  
which any of the Neo phones could be returned to FIC/OpenMoko in  
exchange for the current generation of the phone. Of course, there  
would be a fee involved, based on the condition and life of the  
phone, but, you would still not have to pay the full price of the new  
phone. The old Neo's would then be refurbished and resold through  
FIC. Just something think about.

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