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Sun Feb 11 17:42:28 CET 2007

Hi all,
	I have been on this list for long time, but made no post, just
	to keep the volume in reasonable size, when i had no real
	unanswered questions. But i have one now.
	Have anyone idea how many people are subscribed to this list?

	It seems like there are few people talking, but many just
	reading and waiting until Neo1973 is out to hack it.

	And I also wonder how many of you are coders. Against my
	expectations it look like that there are non-coders in big
	amount, waiting to get, test and use Neo giving feedback.

	To the second question it is hard to answer, but the first one
	can be probably answered(need to look at database machine where
	list is running). So if someone have access and a bit of time,
	can he give is a bit of statitics, maybe even number of emails
	posted here.

	BTW: cannot wait for phase-1 to get Neo and start hacking. I
	am hacking Palm TT3, but it is pain since you have virtualy no doc.

			Martin Kupec
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