New topic: Learning how to write for OpenMoko

Ryan Kline radryan214 at
Mon Feb 12 06:29:16 CET 2007

I would really like to contribute to OpenMoko by writing some  
applications, but I really don't know how. I have some basic HTML  
knowledge and that is about the extent of what I know about coding. I  
do learn fairly quickly though and I have mastered Mac OSX, so I  
probably have some basic Linux/UNIX knowledge in my brain somewhere.  
Does anyone know of tutorials that would help me learn how to write  
for OpenMoko? Are there other ways I could contribute to the project?

What I would like to write:
	-Graphically cool looking programs like video ringtones that have  
some kind of really cool animation that plays when you get a call.
	-Tweaks to the UI to make it look really cool
	-A program that allows you to use MP3s as ringtones

As you can see, I am really interested in UI stuff.  Any help is  


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