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Mon Feb 12 08:56:24 CET 2007

2007/2/12, Ryan Kline <radryan214 at>:
> I would really like to contribute to OpenMoko by writing some

Hi Ryan! Thank you for your eagerness to  help OpenMoko! As you may know
already Neo1973 is a phone with Linux and X-Window (GUI applications are
written in GTK+ toolkit). So basicaly all rules of making programs for Linux
and GTK+ will apply to Neo1973. There are, of course some hardware
limitations (screen size, memory, processor, etc). I suggest you try
googling for "linux programming howto", "gtk+ howto" etc. This would be the
good point to start.

What I would like to write:
>         -Graphically cool looking programs like video ringtones that have
> some kind of really cool animation that plays when you get a call.

"video ringtones" are not programs - they are just video animations. You can
do them in graphic programs.

        -Tweaks to the UI to make it look really cool

This is not trivial (on applications level) but if you focus on graphic
applications (Photoshop, Gimp, 3D Studio Max, Blender) you may do this by
contributing themes, backgrounds etc.

        -A program that allows you to use MP3s as ringtones

I am sure that somebody with more experience will do this or it is already
implemented ;) Maybe focus at creating MP3 ringtones?

Writing app that plays mp3 is actually good excersise (if you use
specialized library to play mp3) and you may find plethora of examples of
such application.

Good luck!

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