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Alexandre Ghisoli alex at
Mon Feb 12 11:51:46 CET 2007

Le lundi 12 février 2007 à 17:18 +0800, Sean Moss-Pultz a écrit :
> Dear Community,

hi sean, 

> (We really do read _everything_ you write.)

That's make a lot to read ;)

> Mickey Lauer, one of our core developers sent an email, only a few hours
> ago, that put things back into perspective for us. He said,
>    "A lot of people will be disappointed by the state of the
>    software, but -- I may be a dreamer -- I prefer rough and truly
>    open solutions (where I have the chance to help shaping the
>    future) over cool, but already finished and closed solutions
>    (where all I can do is take the platform as it is or NOT.)"
> As planned, we are going to open this project up at this point. Within 
> three days of this announcement you will all have access to our source 
> code, Wiki, and Bugzilla.

I really like your communication, and the way you take care of your
community. You are working on a open project, you take it on the right

> Hopefully you can understand why we're at this less-than-ideal state.
> But more importantly, we hope you understand that opening our code now,
> and letting you join us in making this dream of an open phone platform
> come true, is more important for us than mere appearances.

you will get a lot of fresh blood trying to make the code better, for
sure !

> Regarding our Neo1973 hardware, we will send out the first batch of
> phase 0 phones out around the end of this month. Sorry for not being
> able to give an absolute date. Next week is Chinese New Year (we're in
> Asia remember) and _everyone_ stops working for a full week. Having our
> newly designed FPC built before is really wishful thinking.
> All interested developers can purchase Neos starting late March. Please 
> understand that phase 0 is a system of "checks and balances," so it
> simply cannot be rushed. We want to get the framework right, the first
> time around. Hopefully you all can live with the slight delays in our
> schedule. We're all super excited to be cranking again and eagerly await
> sending you hardware so you can join us in the party ;-) 

Arg, waiting a little more to get the device ....
Hum, can we get an emulator then ? ;)

> Now, "Free Your Phone."

Thanks for sharing the inside news. As soon you lunch the pre-order
website, you will see how much we're waiting your devices !

Best regards

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