Wifi option summary (Was: Re: OpenMoko Challenges)

Mikko J Rauhala mjrauhal at cc.helsinki.fi
Mon Feb 12 12:48:59 CET 2007

On ma, 2007-02-12 at 01:54 -1000, Joshua Hoblitt wrote:
> Quick thought: Shouldn't wifi be possible via the use of a USB "dongle"?

Yes yes, if you get it power from somewhere other than the Neo (such as
an internal battery, USB power injector, or a (battery) powered hub).
It's been discussed before. Speeds won't be great (USB 1.1 limiting),
but should be doable.

To summarize for those who haven't noticed, another possible option, if
you really need wifi, might be the (also previously mentioned) upcoming
Seagate DAVE disks; they have both BT and Wifi connectivity, and are
supposed to be "open systems", so perhaps it will be possible to make
one into a self-powered BT/Wifi gateway (in addition to portable
storage), at least if they run Linux. However, no definite word on the
extent of their openness and adaptability exists at this point, just a

And, as also said, you can get wireless internet via BT too, just that
the Wifi AP installed base is out of reach.

Mikko J Rauhala <mjrauhal at cc.helsinki.fi>
University of Helsinki

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