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Krzysztof Kajkowski cayco at
Mon Feb 12 15:23:14 CET 2007

2007/2/12, Ryan Kline <radryan214 at>:
> Thanks for all your help.
> >*"video ringtones" are not programs - they are just video animations. You
> can do them in graphic programs.*
> I know that the actual video is not a program, but I would like to develop
> a program that plays the videos when you get a call.

You may start now - write that program on linux! We are not sure if neo1973
is capable of playing full sized video but I'm sure that it could run

*>if you focus on graphic applications (Photoshop, Gimp, 3D Studio Max,
> Blender) you may do this by contributing themes, backgrounds etc*
> I have photoshop, so thats probably a good start. I guess I should wait to
> get a Neo, so I will know what to tweak.

Yes, that's true but you may start now. The more experience you get, the
better results you achieve. I guess, as being 13-year-old you could not get
much experience. Starting to tweak Neo1973 will be very hard thing for you
to do if you never programmed at all.


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