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Andrew Turner ajturner at
Mon Feb 12 15:55:01 CET 2007

Hi Ryan, I understand where you're coming from. Right now the process
of getting up and running developing for the Neo1973 isn't
"straight-forward" - especially for a new coder.

This is for a bunch of reasons, one of which is that the actual
software isn't released yet, but will be in the near future. Once the
software is released, I imagine very quickly someone can put together
a VMWare or Qemu image that you could boot on your computer into a
development environment.

So, my suggestion would be to go ahead and grab a free copy of VMWare
player and grab the Ubuntu image (google for it) and get that running
(should be very straightforward).

For programming, you'll need to start to get up and running with C++.
That's a fairly daunting task, but if you want to do real programming
for the Neo, you'll need to know how to program in C++, or possibly

With regards to themes - not sure how they'll be configured, though
probably using similar theming in GTK+ now. You can probably start by
just doing Photoshop mockups at the nominal resolution on what you
think they'll look like.

Hope that helps get you started in a couple of directions. :)

On 2/12/07, Ryan Kline <radryan214 at> wrote:
> I have looked at numerous websites and I am still very confused about
> what I need to write stuff for OpenMoko (Mostly UI). I use Mac OS X,
> and I don't have a whole lot of prior coding experience. I learn
> pretty quickly, though. Does anyone know of tutorials, etc. that will
> get me on the right track. I especially want to make themes for the
> phone. I have Photoshop, so I would probably use that for the actual
> tweaking, but I would have no idea how to make it run on the phone.
> Any help is appreciated.
> -ryan
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