Still not getting it...(was: New Topic: Learning how to write for OpenMoko)

Michael Dickens mdickens at
Mon Feb 12 16:21:43 CET 2007

Ryan - Someone suggested getting VMWare & setting up a Ubuntu VM ...  
this is a -great- suggestion since you're running OSX, -if- you have  
an Intel-Mac.  If you have a PPC-Mac, then this is not an option  
(AFAIK), and you'll need to either (1) install Linux on another hard  
drive / partition and direct boot into it (which might require  
hacking the firmware), or (2) use OE/BB directly on OSX.  While one - 
can- get OE/BB running under OSX, at least theoretically, it's not as  
simple as doing it under Linux; Apple provides some GNU tools, but  
some are Apple-specific (e.g. "libtool" is Apple-specific on OSX, and  
thus with using "GNU libtool" many folks rename it "glibtool" etc).   
For the second option, I'd recommend using MacPorts to install the  
background stuff for OE/BB.  I'm actually trying to get OE/BB working  
on OSX in parallel with doing it on a VM running Ubuntu (the VM  
already "won" this competition, but I'm still working on the OSX side).

Ubuntu provides a "nice and simple" setup / configuration that  
doesn't require a lot of in-depth knowledge of Linux (unless you want  
to go there).  Setting up OE/BB inside the VM is as simple as  
following the instructions on the Wiki < 
gowiki/OpenMoko/OpenEmbedded/SettingUpOEForUbuntu > ... really, I  
just did it last night running Ubuntu 6.10 on a VM on an Intel-iMac.   
I created 'nano', and can copy it to my local ARM-based TS-7300, and  
it runs just fine ... very cool!

Being an OSX user myself, both at home and school, I'm happy to  
provide whatever reasonable assistance I can to other OSX users.   
While I don't have a lot of experience under Linux, I do have plenty  
of experience on various Unix flavors and MacOS from 5 to current -  
both as programmer and user (from setting up the MMU to device  
drivers to CLI applications to GUIs).

Good luck! - MLD

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