Still not getting it...(was: New Topic: Learning how to write for OpenMoko)

Michael Dickens mdickens at
Mon Feb 12 16:38:10 CET 2007

> VMWare does not support OS X.

They have a beta for Intel-Mac OSX.  Nothing for PPC Mac though.   
Expect a full release this summer, with all the great features of  
their other VM players.

> Can you be more specific about Ubuntu, what I am supposed to get  
> exactly.

Ubuntu is a Linux distribution.  You download an ISO or CDR of it ...  
like a DMG on OSX except that this contains an image of the CD-ROM.   
You can't use it directly on your OSX Mac, but you can burn a CD with  
it.  Get 6.10.

> I've heard of C++, what is the best way to get started?

Start with 'C' if you don't do C++ yet.  If you can learn on your  
own, "A First Book of C" might be a starting point; I'm sure there's  
online tutorials as well.

> What is Python?

A scripting language.  Much like perl, or bash/sh/csh/tcsh scripts -  
or AppleScipt if you've done that.  Or MATLAB.

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