Get your own OpenMoko T-Shirt

Andrew Turner ajturner at
Mon Feb 12 16:47:12 CET 2007

On 2/12/07, Daniel Willmann <daniel at> wrote:
> > Is this something where the proceeds go to Openmoko somehow, or
> > simply a private initiative?
> the deal with spreadshirt is that you design the shirts and spreadshirt
> takes care of the rest. So the price you see is pretty much what
> spreadshop charges (and keeps for themselves for shipping,
> printing, ...). Since two friends and I will be sponsoring the Sean,
> Mickey and Harald one shirt of their choice I have added 1 EUR to each
> product to refinance that (after all we are only college students).
> So it is a private initiative but the Openmoko team will get
> something, too.
> The fee will be removed of course, once the shirts are refinanced. I
> intend to become rich through this. :-)

Right - that is the same as how CafePress works - and I believe it's
nominally $15USD + whatever profit you want. So can probably dual post
it to spreadshirt & Cafepress.

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