Get your own OpenMoko T-Shirt

Joe Pfeiffer jjpfeifferjr at
Mon Feb 12 17:18:35 CET 2007

ROB writes:
>Just for the record, as a 'member of the community' or whatever, I
>don't like this.

Speaking as the designer of the Mopar Mailing List logo (which
incorporates the old Chrysler Motors Corporation "Pentastar" trademark
with Chrysler's permission), I don't mind it a bit.  One way
corporations have destroyed an incredible amount of good-will in the
past has been by trying to retain a too-tight control over their
trademarks (Paramount's actions regarding Star Trek sites comes to
mind, and shutting down various fan activities that infringe.  Letting
members of a community use the trademark on a t-shirt is a really
cheap (in fact, free) way to keep the community on your side.

I expect they'll be much, much tighter about Openmoko-branded
peripherals and USB sticks!

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