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Joe Pfeiffer jjpfeifferjr at
Mon Feb 12 17:51:37 CET 2007

Gabriel Ambuehl writes:
>On Monday 12 February 2007 17:18:35 Joe Pfeiffer wrote:
>>I don't mind it a bit.  One way
>> corporations have destroyed an incredible amount of good-will in the
>> past has been by trying to retain a too-tight control over their
>> trademarks 
>The problem with trademark law is that if you don't protect your trademarks, 
>you can lose them. So arguably companies are pressed to close down fan sites 
>using unauthorized logos...

IANAL, but my understanding of the situation is that demanding the
sites get permission to use the trademarks (and then granting
permission easily) keeps the company in good shape.

In the MML's case, Chrysler's lawyer gave us some guidelines to follow
(can't have the Pentastar partially covered by the stylized "M" they
use as the first letter of "Mopar" was one of the things I still
remember) and a blessing.

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