Installer Package OE.pkg for MacOS X?

Dr. H. Nikolaus Schaller hns at
Mon Feb 12 17:58:05 CET 2007


 >> While one -can- get OE/BB running under OSX, at least  
theoretically, it's not as simple as doing it under Linux

shouldn't we just join forces and craft an Installer package for  
getting OE installed directly on a Mac?

IMHO, needing to install some VM and a full Linux one of the best *ix  
machines just because Linux developers have the tendency to invent an  
then use a lot of not well documented command line tools you have  
never heared of is some overkill...

Distributing an OE.pkg would be much better...

The main idea is:

* make a shell script (called as preinstall) that creates a case  
sensitive "/Developer/OE.sparseimage" (fixed location so to avoid  
* get all the additional command line tools it needs to "/opt/local/ 
bin" from Fink or OpenDarwin (either load at install time or provide  
some stable binaries)
* provide the basic files needed in the "stuff" directory
* wrap that all into an installer .pkg file by using PackageMaker

So, you download OE.pkg, and double click. This will install  
everything and leave you with "/Volumes/OE" as your "stuff" directory.

The problem I have:  
describes everything but I understand only half of it.


Am 12.02.2007 um 16:21 schrieb Michael Dickens:

> Ryan - Someone suggested getting VMWare & setting up a Ubuntu  
> VM ... this is a -great- suggestion since you're running OSX, -if-  
> you have an Intel-Mac.  If you have a PPC-Mac, then this is not an  
> option (AFAIK), and you'll need to either (1) install Linux on  
> another hard drive / partition and direct boot into it (which might  
> require hacking the firmware), or (2) use OE/BB directly on OSX.   
> While one -can- get OE/BB running under OSX, at least  
> theoretically, it's not as simple as doing it under Linux; Apple  
> provides some GNU tools, but some are Apple-specific (e.g.  
> "libtool" is Apple-specific on OSX, and thus with using "GNU  
> libtool" many folks rename it "glibtool" etc).  For the second  
> option, I'd recommend using MacPorts to install the background  
> stuff for OE/BB.  I'm actually trying to get OE/BB working on OSX  
> in parallel with doing it on a VM running Ubuntu (the VM already  
> "won" this competition, but I'm still working on the OSX side).
> Ubuntu provides a "nice and simple" setup / configuration that  
> doesn't require a lot of in-depth knowledge of Linux (unless you  
> want to go there).  Setting up OE/BB inside the VM is as simple as  
> following the instructions on the Wiki < 
> gowiki/OpenMoko/OpenEmbedded/SettingUpOEForUbuntu > ... really, I  
> just did it last night running Ubuntu 6.10 on a VM on an Intel- 
> iMac.  I created 'nano', and can copy it to my local ARM-based  
> TS-7300, and it runs just fine ... very cool!
> Being an OSX user myself, both at home and school, I'm happy to  
> provide whatever reasonable assistance I can to other OSX users.   
> While I don't have a lot of experience under Linux, I do have  
> plenty of experience on various Unix flavors and MacOS from 5 to  
> current - both as programmer and user (from setting up the MMU to  
> device drivers to CLI applications to GUIs).
> Good luck! - MLD
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