Still not getting it...(was: New Topic: Learning how to write for OpenMoko)

Terrence Barr - Evangelist, Java Mobile & Embedded Terrence.Barr at Sun.COM
Mon Feb 12 18:04:01 CET 2007

Parallels is $79, sometimes they run offers at $49. Money well spent
IMO. It runs very well and increases my productivity greatly because
I can run multiple OSes quickly and reliably.

I believe they will shortly release a tool to convert with VMware images.

I assume VMware will be a good option too when it it released.

-- Terrence

Michael Dickens wrote:
> Parallels isn't free, yes?  The VMware fusion beta currently is ... of 
> course, it's beta so its utility might not be that great; should be $99 
> once it's released (maybe beta testers can get a discount? I don't 
> know).  I actually use Parallels right now, though I need to try out the 
> VMware beta to see how it compares; Parallels is very slick running 
> Win/XP ;) .  Needless to say, their virtual hard drives aren't directly 
> compatible ... though in theory they could be made so (I see a fun 
> project in the future ;). - MLD
> On Feb 12, 2007, at 11:27 AM, Terrence Barr - Evangelist, Java Mobile & 
> Embedded wrote:
>> You can also use Parallels Desktop for OS X at
>> Works like a charm for me.
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