Installer Package OE.pkg for MacOS X?

Michael Dickens mdickens at
Mon Feb 12 18:25:23 CET 2007

It is one of my goals to get OE running under OSX, in a fashion that  
is repeatable most of the time by most folks.  That way one can do  
the work on a PPC or Intel Mac, and not require a VM of any type.   
This would be -good-, though the VM concept and implementation is  
awesome IMHO.  In doing this for GNU Radio (getting the background  
stuff and configuring the shell environment), I've found that 9/10  
users can use my instructions successfully, but that last 1 has such  
a messed up OSX install that things don't work correctly.  I'm sure  
we can get to the same point for OE.

The instructions in are  
not complete IMHO ... but they're getting there; yes, I understand  
them.  I'd use MacPorts (née DarwinPorts) since it's more complete  
than Fink ... though right now some ports work while others don't;  
seems like the transition to MacPorts isn't going too smoothly.  I've  
submitted bug fixes for all of the background packages for OE ...  
just waiting for those to be accepted.

I'm working on a shell script to get the background stuff done and  
the local environment configured to use OE.  Once I get it to work  
for me, I'll send it to OSX users who've expressed interest ... if  
all goes well it will be Wed or Fri of this week.

Once the shell can be configured  correctly, then we can work on  
getting a PKG or whatever.  One step at a time. - MLD

On Feb 12, 2007, at 11:58 AM, Dr. H. Nikolaus Schaller wrote:
> shouldn't we just join forces and craft an Installer package for  
> getting OE installed directly on a Mac?
> IMHO, needing to install some VM and a full Linux one of the best  
> *ix machines just because Linux developers have the tendency to  
> invent an then use a lot of not well documented command line tools  
> you have never heared of is some overkill...
> Distributing an OE.pkg would be much better...
> The main idea is:
> * make a shell script (called as preinstall) that creates a case  
> sensitive "/Developer/OE.sparseimage" (fixed location so to avoid  
> confusion)
> * get all the additional command line tools it needs to "/opt/local/ 
> bin" from Fink or OpenDarwin (either load at install time or  
> provide some stable binaries)
> * provide the basic files needed in the "stuff" directory
> * wrap that all into an installer .pkg file by using PackageMaker
> So, you download OE.pkg, and double click. This will install  
> everything and leave you with "/Volumes/OE" as your "stuff" directory.
> The problem I have:  describes everything but I understand only  
> half of it.

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