Great ;) Re: Storage + Re: The actual release date of NEO1973

Stefan Schmidt stefan at
Mon Feb 12 20:13:28 CET 2007


On Mon, 2007-02-12 at 19:38, Robert Michel wrote:
> So microSD cards with 4GB or more are based on SDHC,
> and the SD standards are not so open that writing 
> drivers would be possible to everybody - right?

The simplified SD sstandard also covers SDHC. Plain linux kernel
already has SDHC support. IIRC the patches are in 2.6.20

> Is it realy a firmware/driver only task, so that
> phase-1-Neos could be upgraded to use SDHC later?

The controller also has to support SDHC. Not sure about the one on our
SoC. I would guess it can do SDHC, but I'm not sure. To lazy to search
for spec right now. :)

Stefan Schmidt
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