Still not getting it...(was: New Topic: Learning how to write for OpenMoko)

Michael Dickens mdickens at
Mon Feb 12 21:04:05 CET 2007

> Thanks for bringing this to my attention. I'd like to check it out,  
> and
> possibly write a recipe for setting up in this.

Simplest: Setup the VM with Ubuntu 6.10; follow instructions on  
OpenMoko wiki.  I don't think a special script will be very useful  
here since there isn't much (if anything) to do beyond what's in the  

NB: Make sure your VM's hard drive is big enough.  8 GB isn't.  40 GB  
should be;)  Mine is currently at 8.09 GB (on OSX; 7.981 MB in 'df - 
k') ... get it right the first time so that you don't have to deal  
with creating a new virtual HD & getting the data copied, the HD  
partitioned correctly, etc...

> Can you install any environment of your choice inside, or is it  
> whatever it
> is?

Win/XP, Vista (Ultimate, but that's M$'s deal)
pretty much any Linux flavor
hacked OSX (OSX checks for "real" hardware)

> Have you set up OE under this? If you send me any rough notes you  
> have (or
> post to the list) I'll test and write up a recipe.

Yes, I've successfully compiled 'nano' under OE/BB on an Ubuntu 6.10  
VM running in Parallels on an Intel-iMac (c2d @ 2.16 GHz).  As I said  
before, there really isn't much to it - just make sure the VM hard  
drive is big enough ;)  I guess you can do screen shots if you want  
to. - MLD

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