You don't have to wait 8 years ; ) Re: [openmoko-announce] OpenMoko Challenges

Ryan Kline radryan214 at
Mon Feb 12 21:54:20 CET 2007

Actually, I will wait. People who drink before they are 21 are 4  
times more likely to become alcoholics, plus, I get 5,000 USD 
+Interest if I make it til I am 21. I think I will wait. I do  
understand that this community drinks, but I do not feel pressured to  
do the same.

Thank you for complementing my first post, please note I have also  
mad many others and even answered a question. (http:// I  
do hope that I will be an asset to the project because of my age. I  
am very interested in technology and I am keen on what kids here in  
the states go crazy over. For exaple, the Apple Stores here are  
packed non-stop with teens. I also would love to see some kind of  
Push-To-Talk or Mass-Text-Messaging included in OpenMoko. I have  
found myself in many situations where I would like to know if any of  
my friends are at the mall.

I also am very good with videography and would lend my services to  
OpenMoko if they would pay for my plane ticket :-)

I even tried to get a discount for being the youngest on the forum.  
003155.html) I guess that didn't work very well.


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