OpenGL on the Neo1973??

Alan Ide gamebeavis at
Mon Feb 12 22:58:47 CET 2007

Hello all,

I have been reading the postings here for a few months, and up till now all
my questions have been answered fairly well without having to post anything
of my own.

I had an idea for a program I wanted to contribute to the community, but had
a quick question first. I mostly program in C++ and any graphics programming
I have done has always been done with OpenGL. I understand that openmoko is
written using GTK+ and I could easily use GTK-- with C++, but I am much more
fluent using OpenGL to handle my 2D rendering. Will the openmoko hardware be
robust enough to handle 2D rendering using the OpenGL libraries?? Or should
I look into learning how to load and display bmps and polygons with GTK??

Oh - BTW, I know the other option is using SDL, but Im not particularly
fluent in that either.
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