You don't have to wait 8 years ; ) Re: [openmoko-announce] OpenMoko Challenges

Robert Michel openmoko at
Mon Feb 12 23:10:05 CET 2007

Salve Ryan!

Ryan Kline schrieb am Montag, den 12. Februar 2007 um 14:54h:

> Actually, I will wait.
This is fine. ;)

But I fear, you got me wrong. 

> I think I will wait. I do  
> understand that this community drinks, but I do not feel pressured to  
> do the same.

>> and [when] you have someday the chance to meet someone
>> of us active with OpenMoko - don't doubt that would include
>> non alcoholic drinks as well - so don't [have to] wait 8 years to
>> drink to that ;)

So even when we are writing about drinking on a meeting or just
virtual together e.g. when the first phones are out - you don't
have to wait to salute/drink to that for 8 years - just chooce
some non-alcoholic drink and join.

> I also am very good with videography and would lend my services to  
> OpenMoko if they would pay for my plane ticket :-)

I hope Seans small presentation at the FOSDEM will be recorded
by the FOSDEM people - good point - I should ask them, I could
help them... think you was a bit kidding with the plane ticket,
right? But I'm shure there are more ways that you could bring
in your skills and ideas.
> I even tried to get a discount for being the youngest on the forum.  
> ( 
> 003155.html) I guess that didn't work very well.

But your answer about the mailinglist statistic was cool :)

You have read that Sean and the others of his team are *very* 
busy at the moment, so when the biggest problems solved and it
is clear, when the phase-1 can start it will be a better moment
trying to ask for discount for being a schoolboy or student
or asking about upgrade (price reduction) for buying 
neo1973-version2-phase1 in 2008 after already buying 
neo1973-version1-phase1 this year.


PS: Small hint: 
    Your Email hasn't a working "References:" or "In-Reply-To:"
    in its header, so no email client could put it into the
    right thread. Please check if you can answer with 

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