You don't have to wait 8 years ; ) Re: [openmoko-announce] OpenMoko Challenges

Robert Michel openmoko at
Mon Feb 12 23:34:07 CET 2007

Salve Ryan!

Sorry to confuse you ;)

On Mon, 12 Feb 2007, Ryan Kline wrote:

> Sorry, I didn't understand. Where is FOSDEM? 
Brussels, Belgium, Europe ;)

> I doubt I will be able  
> to attend any events unless they are in Dallas. I have too much going  
> on in school and I don't really feel like I am part of the project.  

My answer was not to
- motivate to drink alcohol
- not to travel to Bruessels
I just wanted to give you a feedback that even when we have
written about beer it is not neccessary to drink for joining
this community. (Just to wait 8 years to drink to that...)

And the level where you count to be part of the projet or not 
is quite low - it IMHO just starts with sharing ideas or wishes...

I don't know how much experiances you have with apple communities,
but Linux communities and their mailinglist it is not so much
focused on products and it's features - it's about knowledged and
sharing skills ;)


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