Still not getting it...(was: New Topic: Learning how to write for OpenMoko)

Christopher Heiny clheiny at
Mon Feb 12 23:47:36 CET 2007

On Monday 12 February 2007 14:26, picked up the following transmission 
from Terrence Barr - Evangelist, Java Mobile & Embedded:
> Absolutely. There have been several discussions on this, and there
> are efforts underway to create appropriate projects. I believe there
> will be Java ME as well as Java SE ports. I personally will be
> involved in seeing the Java ME port along. Stay tuned.

After overcoming a major case of brain flatulence, I've set up a 
java-pkg project, which is now available on the projects page.  Visit 

There's not much there yet, but I figured it was good to get a central 
place set up early.

> -- Terrence
> Martin Lefkowitz wrote:
> > We are going to be able to use java too right?
> >
> > Marty

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