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Joe Shmoe anonymous.simpleton at gmail.com
Tue Feb 13 00:17:38 CET 2007

Most cell phones don't seem to handle this properly.

When your phone has no signal, any calls go straight to voicemail.  When you
don't answer your phone, calls go to voicemail after a pre-specified number
of rings (typically 5).

When someone calls and you want to ignore them (by pressing a button when
they call), most phones send the call to voicemail as soon as you press
"Ignore".  The whole point of ignoring someone is that the person shouldn't
KNOW that they are being ignored.    Can we get this fixed on the Neo?

Also, it would be nice to have the option to specify that all calls from a
particular person will always be 'ignored' or always go directly to

   A caller can no longer can determine whether they are being ignored,
whether you are not answering the phone, or whether you just have no
signal.  I might want certain people to believe that I have no signal.  On
the other hand, I might want others just to think that I am unable to answer
the phone (not that I am ignoring them...which I may or may not be doing).
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