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Florent THIERY fthiery at gmail.com
Tue Feb 13 01:00:52 CET 2007


I have a few words to tell about P2P services; what i'll say comes from my
experience in my country, but i'd bet it's the same almost everywhere.

It is a fact that cellphones cannot (or shoudl'nt) communicate directly (if
they can, this is a security issue); real P2P applications are excluded
then, but we can still run a p2p software on a dedicated server (at home, on
a wrt router / NSLU2 / regular computer), with mobile devices as "thin

In fact, i'm more thinking of F2F (Friend to friend) services (such as
Waste...): GPS location showing, group/single instant messaging, shared
storage, poll caller (to friends), grouping, carsharing, toolsharing (find a
tool to borrow in your area, say a soldering iron :p), helpsearching (find
somebody in your area that could help you), speedy object selling, etc...

There shoud be a global decentralized network for all application users; the
software should run on most platforms, and NAT port mapping would certainly
be required.

Without an external rendez-vous point, i don't think it's feasible (unless
we wait for IMS).

The contact list should be able to synchronize with the p2p app one's, so
that you can use this p2p app on your desktop as well, with extra features:
voip & visiophony.

It's just a bunch of ideas, but i'd like to hear your opinions.

And i'm wondering if such a service doesn't violate the mobile carriers
terms of service...

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