Worry about OE in VM on OSX?

Michael Dickens mdickens at nd.edu
Tue Feb 13 03:15:58 CET 2007

On Feb 12, 2007, at 8:17 PM, Ryan Kline wrote:
> Thanks, I'm just being too lazy.

Somewhat, but you're also learning.  For most things, try google (or  
whatever your favorite search engine is) first, read through a few  
hits, and then if it's still confusing ask the list.  Many of your  
non- or semi-technical questions can be answered that way.

> Im pretty scared about this OE thing because I am running Linux on  
> VMWare Beta, on my brand new 17" MacBook Pro...Should I be worried?

There is really nothing to worry about.  VMware's Fusion is an App  
that doesn't modify the OS in any significant (i.e. irreversible)  
way; you can always "uninstall" it if you want and you're good to go  
just like it wasn't there (except maybe a pref or 2 that are harmless).

As for the VM hard drive, it's just a file that resides on the OSX  
hard drive.  You can delete it if you want to, anytime you want to.

If you were running Windows in your VM, then you might worry since  
even with the latest patches it's pretty easy to compromise your  
Windows box if you happen to download certain torrents from certain  
WWW sites.  But running Linux in your VM is quite safe - at least as  
safe as running OSX as your host OS.

As a VM user, my primary concerns are (1) that I have enough DRAM on  
the host computer to support both running - 512 MB per user per OS is  
good these days under OSX; (2) that the host hard drive is big enough  
- but pretty much any HD will be big enough these days ... the VM HD  
really needs only maybe 20 GB or so for most "usual" things.  Now if  
you want to "bitbake world" then I'd recommend a 40 GB VM HD ... just  
to cover your bases.

The MacBook Pro is plenty powerful enough to handle what you're doing.

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