OpenMoko Challenges

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Tue Feb 13 06:17:47 CET 2007

Quoting michael at

> Sean,
> I'd like to add my voice in support of your decision to delay the hardware.
> I've been in situations like this, and I appreciate the difficulty of making
> this decision. From my experience, I believe you've made the right 
> choice, and
> I fully support you and your team.


> I look forward with great anticipation to the source opening in a few days.
> This, after all, is where all the open excitement is really going to take
> place. Judging from all the creativity and intelligence we've seen expressed
> on this list in the past few months, I'm looking forward to some amazing
> software from this group.

Well please don't get your hopes up too high now. We're really behind on the
software...but we've been making great progress this past month. You guys will
be able to see our future plans on the Wiki, too.

Really look forward to getting more feedback from you all!


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