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Tue Feb 13 06:19:12 CET 2007

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> On Mon, 2007-02-12 at 09:48 -0800, michael at wrote:
>> Sean,
>> I'd like to add my voice in support of your decision to delay the hardware.
>> I've been in situations like this, and I appreciate the difficulty of making
>> this decision. From my experience, I believe you've made the right 
>> choice, and
>> I fully support you and your team.
>> I look forward with great anticipation to the source opening in a few days.
>> This, after all, is where all the open excitement is really going to take
>> place. Judging from all the creativity and intelligence we've seen expressed
>> on this list in the past few months, I'm looking forward to some amazing
>> software from this group.
>> Keep up the great work!
>> Michael
> Yes, I completely agree as well...multilateral community support is a
> good thing :)
> See, open communities are supportive :) Hugs all around :)

Which is great...since I was expecting at least a few rotten tomatoes ;-)


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