Attaching accessories (was: OpenMoko Challenges

Richard Bennett richard.bennett at
Tue Feb 13 10:33:11 CET 2007

On Tuesday 13 February 2007 03:36, Ryan Kline wrote:
> Wouldn't it be hilarious if we finally find a USB power solution
> after spending many hours laboriously building a device only to find
> that Sean has decided to power the USB port.

yes, but that wouldn't solve all the problems:
You'd still have something hanging off the bottom of the phone.
You'd still have trouble getting 5volt out of a 3.3volt phone without emptying 
the battery real fast.
It is still hard to charge the phone while connecting an accessory to it.
Connecting more then one accessory would be a mess.
Many accessories like infra-red eye or RF sender (for remote control 
applications), and many others don't have a USB interface.

Of course, if FIC themselves don't release a flexible accessory platform, like 
the proposed smart-battery with payload, and the NEO becomes popular, a 
company like Velleman for instance might well release a range of accessories.



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