Attaching accessories (was: OpenMoko Challenges

Richard Bennett richard.bennett at
Tue Feb 13 13:14:41 CET 2007

On Tuesday 13 February 2007 13:05, Florent THIERY wrote:
> > yes, but that wouldn't solve all the problems:
> > You'd still have something hanging off the bottom of the phone.
> To me, the most valuable feature is the keyboard; a small one, but usable.
> And it's not something you use on mobility situation (in the streets...).
> With the not-sexy-at-all battery powered usb hub, will a keyboard work
> easily? USB keyboard support in the kernel would be sufficient, right?

It would seem to be cleaner to use a bluetooth keyboard. No messy cables or 
anything, and it has batteries built-in. There's a few examples on the wiki.



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