Sorry... Re: And please use a emailclients with working "Reference" Re: gmail users CC'ing

Robert Michel openmoko at
Tue Feb 13 15:39:35 CET 2007

Salve hank!

Thank you for your feedback ;)

On Tue, 13 Feb 2007, hank williams wrote:

> You are misinformed if you believe that gmail does not handle threads
> properly. 
Maybe, it would be nice when other gmail users
explain gmail users how to use gmail proper,
instead  of that I have to inform myself about 

> In fact I think it is the best product on the market, free
> or otherwise, for handling threads. The  problem which you are
> referring to has nothing to do with gmail, but with the fact that some
> people mistakenly delete the "re:" from the mail header when
> responding.

This is only a backup for threading mails - threading by subjects.
The better way is threading with working "References" in the header.

Q: Is gmail killing this reference line in the header when the Subject
does not begin with "re:"? Realy? Can you test this?

BTW, it seems that e.g. Ryan is using "Apple Mail" as MUA.
(Mail user agent = email client)
AFAIK "Apple mail" can set "References" in the header.

So the question stil is, what make the "References" missing
for Ryan by using gmail.


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