This explains the CC'ing but what's about the missing references? Re: Sorry... Re: And please use a emailclients with working "Reference" Re: gmail users CC'ing

Robert Michel openmoko at
Tue Feb 13 15:48:12 CET 2007

Salve hank!

This explains the CC'ing.

On Tue, 13 Feb 2007, hank williams wrote:

> I just read the other email which started this discussion about gmail
> and think I understand the problem.
> The problem is with the list.
> I am on 15 tech mailing lists, and this is the only one which, if I in
> gmail say "reply to" replys to the sender and not to the list.
> I ****NEVER*** want to reply to the individual when responding to a
> post on the list.

Never say never - I would not call it "the problem is with the list"
I would call "the problem is with the user not looking who they are
sending an email".
Probably there is a lake of culture on a mailinglist and the listmaster
has to react because that many people does not take a second to check 
which adress they use for their mail. But I don't wan't to start
a big thread about formal stuff....

The OpenMoko team is very busy at the moment, so we should life
with the CC`ing until the first Neo1973s are out ;)

Back to the brocken threads - this is not explaining why 
some gmail users hasn't a proper emailheader with working
"Reference". Does you have an idea for this as well?


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