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Joel Newkirk moko at
Tue Feb 13 17:38:44 CET 2007

I agree.  My work environment is as free and open as can be imagined,
(sysadmin for a wireless broadband ISP - I work from home much of the
time, most of the rest is at a tower or our NOC) but there are a variety
of situations/locations (list growing) where camera phones are prohibited.

Like many courtrooms.  In a recent court hearing with my ex-wife, my
camera phone had to be left at the security desk - with a post-it
identifying me and dropped in a drawer.  (meanwhile my ex breezed right
through with hers, since it was 'concealed' in her handbag and the
guards never examined it, just x-rayed the bag...)

Given the choice of the 'same' device both with and without integrated
camera, I'd unhesitatingly select the camera-less model - the few times
that I've actually needed the integrated camera and didn't have my
'real' digital cam handy don't outweigh the irritation of being required
to surrender my phone in secure (or paranoid) environments.  I'd rather
deal with not having a camera than be unconnected.


Andreas Kaeser wrote:
> Michele Manzato wrote:
>> Voting for integrated Camera as well ...
> Well, as much as I would like a camera in my all-in-one gadget, it would
> be prohibitive for my every day use: in my working environment anything
> capable of picture recording is strictly disallowed. So I wouldn't be
> able to use Neo1973 :-(
> I guess people working under such conditions are less than 10% of total
> population, so maybe we won't be considered too much. A pluggable camera
> would definitely help!
> Andreas
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