Idea: Caller set ringtone

michael at michael at
Tue Feb 13 18:17:29 CET 2007

On Tue, 13 Feb 2007, Ole Tange wrote:

> Caller should be able to transfer and set his ring tone. If the phone
> displays a picture when the phone is ringing, then caller should be
> able to transfer and set this as well.
> The transfer of the ring tone should preferably be done, when calling.
> But if that is not feasible then it should be done the next time the
> phone is connected to a cheap communication channel (internet).
> To avoid abuse the callee should be able to deny people from doing it.
> Default would be deny.

Another brilliant idea from Ole. Ole, what's your day job? You really are very

Further braintstorming (not necessarily practical):

Very flexible allow/block control. You wouldn't want some ex-friend calling
you with the ringtone set to a rude sound clip. Perhaps ideas from firewall
control options: allow anything except from blacklist; block anything except
from whitelist; etc.

I imagine that musicians and other graphic artists would love this. Call your
friends to tell them of your latest composition, with the ringtone being the
first few bars (or whatever).

In fact, if you have a quick message to deliver, the ringtone (or the picture)
can actually be the message itself. Then if you are in a meeting or otherwise
can't take the call, at least you have the quick answer. Kind of like instant
messaging with optional immediate phone conversation.

A bridge from SMS: Text message from SMS gets synthesized as speech and
delivered as ringtone.....

Monitor my servers: certain conditions send email with long description in the
message body, summary in the subject field. Subject gets coverted to ringtone
and sent to my OpenMoko. If it's important I can accept the call and hear the
details (message body).


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