gmail users CC'ing

Richard Bennett richard.bennett at
Tue Feb 13 18:25:08 CET 2007

On Tuesday 13 February 2007 16:26, Alexandre Franke wrote:
> On 2/13/07, Richard Bennett <richard.bennett at> wrote:
> > Why so many people who believe in the ideals put forward by the
> > Neo/Openmoko project are happy to use Gmail astounds me... It's not
> > because Google do the summer of code and have Chris Dibona and most of
> > the talented OS developers on their staff that there is anything free or
> > open about them. They'll own your mind if you let them.
> I know you "mean it in the nicest possible way" as you say at the
> bottom of your mail but this sounds rude to me.
Ok, sorry about that in that case.
I could fill mail after mail with what I dislike about Google, but I don't 
think this is the right forum.
I have more hang-ups like that, and have found many people involved in this 
project share my beliefs, which is why I was 'astounded' to find so many 
people happy to use Gmail, which to me is almost on a par with loading WinCE 
on a NEO173.


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