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Tue Feb 13 18:41:05 CET 2007

This is totally off-topic for the list, really, but whatever...

I use gmail because spam has made email pretty much useless for me.

Because I have default addresses enabled for many of my domains, I get
something in the neighborhood of 1500 'dictionary attack' spam
messages a day.  It's not easy to disable default addresses, because
I've been using these domains for years, long before spam was a
problem.  Many people I don't want to lose touch with send mail to me
at a variety of different addresses, and there's no way I could really
set up explicit forwarders for every alias people use to get in touch
with me.

I don't have the time to make spam-blocking a part time job, and I
haven't found a 'set it and forget it' spam blocker option that
doesn't either block legitimate messages or let massive amounts of
spam through.  Gmail does a pretty good job of blocking spam.  I route
most (but not all) of my email to gmail, and now only a couple of spam
messages get through.

I keep my private communications on my own server under a couple of
specific accounts.  I don't like the privacy issues with gmail, but a
cost-benefit analysis tells me it's better to let Google serve me some
ads and store some of my non-confidential email than it is to spend a
good chunk of my days filtering spam.

Anyhow, let's all just get along ok.


On 2/13/07, Richard Bennett <richard.bennett at> wrote:
> On Tuesday 13 February 2007 16:26, Alexandre Franke wrote:
> > On 2/13/07, Richard Bennett <richard.bennett at> wrote:
> > > Why so many people who believe in the ideals put forward by the
> > > Neo/Openmoko project are happy to use Gmail astounds me...

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