Idea: Caller set ringtone

Knight Walker moko at
Wed Feb 14 01:14:51 CET 2007

On Tue, Feb 13, 2007 at 04:13:43PM +0000, Ole Tange wrote:
> Caller should be able to transfer and set his ring tone. If the phone
> displays a picture when the phone is ringing, then caller should be
> able to transfer and set this as well.

No phone I've seen yet allows the caller to set anything on the callee's
phone, and I can imagine several reasons why I wouldn't really want this
on a MoKo phone, though I can imagine several reasons why I would as well.

> The transfer of the ring tone should preferably be done, when calling.
> But if that is not feasible then it should be done the next time the
> phone is connected to a cheap communication channel (internet).

This will depend on a few things, namely if the phone supports GSM and
GPRS connections at the same time, if the provider supports those, and if
the caller and callee have data plans.

> To avoid abuse the callee should be able to deny people from doing it.
> Default would be deny.

Actually, a better idea I can see is having some kind of a P2P (Phone to
phone) application running on the MoKo that allows people to beam items
between phones easily.  That way when I'm near a friend who has a MoKo,
(s)he could send me their personalized ring tone and even picture and
then I could associate those with their contact record so they'd come up
when that person calls.  In fact, beaming (preferably with a minimum of
effort on the users' part) entire contact records would be really nice
as well.  That way when someone asks for my number, I can just send them
my "business card" and they'll have all the information I want to share.
Or I could get a family member's contact information from another family
member through the same mechanism.


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