R: Camera and MMS

Ian Stirling openmoko at mauve.plus.com
Wed Feb 14 11:36:54 CET 2007

t3st3r wrote:

> Andreas Kaeser wrote:
>> Michele Manzato wrote:
>>> Voting for integrated Camera as well ...
>> Well, as much as I would like a camera in my all-in-one gadget, it would
>> be prohibitive for my every day use: in my working environment anything
>> capable of picture recording is strictly disallowed. So I wouldn't be
>> able to use Neo1973 :-(
> So what? Jailed people are often disallowed to use mobile phones at 
> all. Should mobile phones manufacturers to give up and stop producing 
> mobile phones at all then?


What might be a possible solution would be a "user removable" camera.
Open back, remove battery, unscrew 3 tiny screws, unclick wire socket, 
remove camera from back.

Also, this might hypothetically allow upgrades.

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