Just a personal feedback - I'm just writing for me Re: And please use a emailclients with working "Reference" Re: gmail users CC'ing

t3st3r t3st3r at mail.ru
Wed Feb 14 12:52:06 CET 2007

Robert Michel wrote:
> [...deleted]
>> I've tried Yahoo mail, didn't like it, I even tried Fastmail in the
>> past. (which was slow)
>> Gmail is responsive for me, and has a lot of good features that I like
>> and that I use.
>> And so far I have yet to see any proof of Google actively scr*wing
>> over their customers, by violating their privacy. Yes they add ads on
>> the side of the page by scanning your email, 
> Yes, google is scanning *my* email and selling adds fitting to
> the mail - maybe also selling informations about me to others...
> You as gmail user has agreed that google is allowed to 
> - scan *my* email
> - to save *my* email as long as google likes.
That's why I do not like Google Mail. As we Russians say, "if you can 
see free cheese, beware: this usually means there is a mousetrap".As for 
me, Google collects too much private data.And even if Google is "not 
evil", when it comes that Big Brother asks to share some data, it is 
hard or impossible to deny such request. Google already had some issues 
with this. So, free cheese is cool but actually it often has high price 
hidden a bit. Each mouse knows this but not each and every human does 
:).It is interesting, does someone still remembers that privacy is still 
your right?
> I can't understand why people so close-fisted not spending 
> some US$/Euros a year for a mailservice without advertisement
> and data mining. When more users would do this, better
> services would be on the market.
I'm already learned that perfect service possible only if you'll set up 
your own server so everything works like YOU want. Everything else is 
... well, acceptable at most.
> My sound was wrong - I just want make you think that you
> are give away you and others privatcy for a free webmailservice.
> And when the webmailer is also reason for trouble....
I'm do not care about google mail. However it is quite strange that when 
I'm about to reply, there is actual message author in To: and mailing 
list in CC: in my Thunderbird.As for me, this is inconvienient. IMHO, 
list address should be in "from" header by default, isn't it?

[rest of mail is deleted]

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