Idea: Caller set ringtone

Derek Pressnall dpressnall at
Wed Feb 14 17:57:50 CET 2007

I think the best way to handle this is to set up a vcard server
online.  Anyone can register their vcard which is associated with
their phone number.  Now when you get a call from someone, when you
add the number to your address book you'd have the option of
automatically retrieving the info online.  Security options can be set
so that your vcard is only visible to people you call, or specific
people, etc.
Ring tones, picture, etc. could be extended fields on the vcard (the
field would actually contain a URL pointing the the picture /
ringtone, etc.)  Well, maybe it's not a good idea to host the
ringtones, since that could get the hosting provider in trouble with
the riaa, etc.  But picture hosting shouldn't be an issue.

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