Catching touch input

Alan Ide gamebeavis at
Wed Feb 14 21:16:48 CET 2007

Ok, I have been pouring over the Wiki since it was opened today, and all I
can say is THANK YOU, and thats a WHOLE lot of data to go through. Oh and
the pictures sure are pretty.

Anyhow, I have decided to try some "testing" using SDL on this platform, but
obviously the Neo1973 dosnt have any keyboard or mouse input, only touch
screen (which I love BTW). So, how does one go about catching touch input to
use inside of a program? I assume its handled like a mouse click event,
passing the XY data and a clicked flag to a system variable somewhere, but
how do I access such data?? I have been looking for a breakdown of internal
OpenMoko library functions, but really confused by all the data.

To be honest, im not entirely sure where to look for my answer, that is why
I figured I would just ask you folks, since you seem so on the ball. Thanx
in advance.
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