How many Neos?

Sean Moss-Pultz sean_mosko at
Thu Feb 15 17:07:33 CET 2007

On Tue, 2007-02-13 at 23:54 +0100, Milan Votava wrote:
> How many Neos have to be sold (and in which time frame) to keep FIC
> happy? I think this is pretty important and we, as a community should
> help to achieve this target. If Sean & we fail, FIC will probably show
> no mercy with the beloved platform. Am I wrong?

Dear Milan,

This is something that has been on the (not so distant) back of my mind
for months now. How do I talk about these kind of numbers in
public...when they are considered so confidential internally. 

Your response clearly describes how you feel about this effort, "Sean
and we" means that, in some ways, what I have been striving for has
already begun. Both of us (as company and as community) are working
together on this. We both see that we need to work together if this
experiment (ie. can the mobile industry be opened?) will ever work.  

> Please disregard this post if the regarding info is considered
> confidential... 

Please give me some time to think about this. I really don't have the
answers now. But I love thinking about this with you all ;-)

Let me see if I can't put something together for my next presentation. 


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