Wiki page for self-powered USB gadgets known (not) to work directly?

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Fri Feb 16 01:26:32 CET 2007

pe, 2007-02-16 kello 02:05 +0200, Mikko Rauhala kirjoitti:
> like their pics not very fuzzy, there's handy dedicated cameras (many of
> which would probably interface with the Moko nicely; as such cameras
> have their own internal powersources, if their software isn't confused
> by not getting power from the USB port, some might work with a straight
> USB cable for eg. sending the pics away via GPRS).

Incidentally, since there's a lot of self-powered gadgets around, it
would probably be useful to have a wiki page of such USB devices
verified working or non-working directly with the powerless host of Neo.
I would _guess_ that most self-powered gadgets would talk with the Neo
happily, but that's just a guess... If the developers of a particular
gadget have relied (not unreasonably, though suboptimally) on the USB
standard's promise of power when hooked up to a host, there may be
issues like the gadget simply not noticing that it's hooked up.

If anyone has any _educated_ guestimates of how usual it would be for a
powered USB gadget to have such issues, those would be welcome.

I shan't be starting said wiki page for now since I'll have to wait
'till late March to get to try these things. Maybe then, though, unless
somebody beats me to it, or convinces me that pretty much every device
will work if it has its own power.

(Oh, and Sean, see you next week in Tampere :)

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