RePost: What to install for OpenMoko programming...(Was: Help: Getting an OpenMoko Programming Environment Set Up on Ubuntu Linux)

Marnix Klooster marnix.klooster at
Fri Feb 16 06:45:15 CET 2007

Op 15-02-07 23:21, Ryan Kline schreef:
> Community-
>     I know I already posted this, but I think it got forgotten in the 
> wave of excitement accompanying the source release.
> I would really like to know what I need to do to have everything I would 
> need to program for OpenMoko (Mostly UI Stuff). I have already installed 
> OE using the tutorial on their website. I have a very basic programming 
> knowledge so please be specific. I am running Ubuntu Linux off of VMWare 
> Fusion Beta off of A MacBook Pro running OS X Tiger.

See the openmoko-devel mailing list, first check the archives, and 
follow the recipes people have been posting on the linuxtogo wiki.  Also 
see the official wiki.


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