given the OpenMoko Challenges...

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Fri Feb 16 08:20:16 CET 2007

Kenshin wrote:

> I think that not having a camera is a "serious" technologic setback
> and loses some points to the competition.
> Of course almost every "geek" will buy a Neo... but what about the
> regular user? He will definately consider that fact when choosing a
> phone and for him that is more important than running Linux.

By definition, the "Regular User" is never a first adopter.

OpenMoko and FIC's Neo1973 are the seeds that will democratize
and dramatically accelerate the evolution of mobile computing on this 

No longer will we all patiently wait for the next handset release from the
major manufacturers, only to be dissapointed once again by carrier
hobbled features, clunky and clueless user interfaces and forced
non-integration with the rest of our personal or business compu-spheres.

The "Regular User" will follow shortly after the "Cathedral and the Bazaar"
programmers like you and I scratch our itches and deliver the applications
that really solve human problems and end the limitations and annoyances
that the establishment "Handset and Carrier" complex cannot and will not
solve because their shareholders are more important than thier customers.

As for me, I am excited about the amazing potiential that this first feature
set affords.  Every time I think about it for even just a few minutes, I
come up with a new idea for software for this platform.

WiFi and a camera at this point would only make my head explode.

Alan McSwain 

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