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Andreas Kaeser openmoko at InSecTeam.de
Fri Feb 16 10:19:26 CET 2007

t3st3r wrote:
> Andreas Kaeser wrote:
>> ...
>> Well, as much as I would like a camera in my all-in-one gadget, it would
>> be prohibitive for my every day use: in my working environment anything
>> capable of picture recording is strictly disallowed. So I wouldn't be
>> able to use Neo1973 :-(
> So what? Jailed people are often disallowed to use mobile phones at all. 
> Should mobile phones manufacturers to give up and stop producing mobile 
> phones at all then? 

Of course not. But you missed my point. I'm looking for a way to use the
NEO It's a car manufacturer's development plant.

> [off] I'm amazed how easily people are giving up their legal rights in 
> favor of semi-illegal corporate policies (or similar stuff) which are 
> trashing human rights to the hell. As for me, I'll never work in such 
> jail-like environment. Do you want to have open and free gadget ... but 
> still have jail-like job?Amazing!Freedom is not just a word - it's way 
> of life. Think about it. Twice. [/off]

Yes, you are right. I'm horrified, how many people give away real human
rights like free speech or privacy for a few Euros or for pseudo security.

However, in this very situation, I don't consider it my legal rights to
take photos of not-yet-released cars and their development details.

>> I guess people working under such conditions are less than 10% of total
>> population, so maybe we won't be considered too much. A pluggable camera
>> would definitely help!
> As for me, I will never use pluggable camera.Its a separate thing which 
> can be lost, forgotten and broken easily (the plug itself is a weak 
> place).And it reduces device usability to the hell.Early mobiles 
> attempted to use pluggable cameras but it looks like this attempt has 
> miserably failed.It has been incredible unpopular idea and died without 
> success.However I have nothing against the following: two models, one 
> with camera and one without it. However I have no idea how hard and 
> costly this to implement (usually, developing 2 devices costs more but 
> probably dropping features is relatively easy - just do not solder some 
> parts on same PCB and use a bit altered case).

Of course high volume production of an all-in-one gadget often will be cheaper
than the production of 50 different models with some different combination of
parts missing in each of them.
And yes, plugs usually are less reliable than solid soldering joints.

I'm happy to have seen more and maybe better ideas to deal with this situation.

> P.S. Of course you can safely ignore my dumb mumblings but before doing 
> so, consider that I closely dealt with mobile phones internals since 
> 2000 and usability is my primary job.

Oh great. Then you know _a lot_ more about mobiles than me. And in case you
should change your mind about some "No Camera Allowed"-situations, you might
come up with even far better ideas to deal with said situations than we have
already seen :-)

> 2ALL: sorry for semi-flaming message. 

At least _I_ don't mind. Far from it! I'm happy to enlarge my own view by
getting introduced to more facts and to more points of personal view.


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