R: Camera and MMS

Andreas Kaeser openmoko at InSecTeam.de
Fri Feb 16 17:10:22 CET 2007

Mike Hodson wrote:
> On 2/16/07, Andreas Kaeser <openmoko at insecteam.de> wrote:
>> Of course not. But you missed my point. I'm looking for a way to use the
>> NEO It's a car manufacturer's development plant.
> You perhaps have missed the point so far: there IS NO CAMERA as of
> yet.. And, if you have been reading other forum posts, there are -5-
> more devices coming on the horizon with the OpenMoko core operating
> environment, which may or may not have cameras.

Sorry - my fault. I edited my post just before sending it - and messed
it up. I broke that sentence even grammatically.

Of course NEO-1973 won't pose that problem, and I'm happy about that.
Initially I replied to Michele Manzato's post, who asked for camera
in next generation NEO(s):

 >>>>> Voting for integrated Camera as well for future releases of the Neo.
 >>>>> Not using it very much, but it can be handy every now and then.

And because nobody had pointed out before, that a camera could possibly
become a problem, I did that. My second post was confusing, sorry.

> I think your situation has been carefully planned for:

Glad to hear about that!

> ...


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