openmoko and pre-paid cards

Wolfgang S. Rupprecht wolfgang.rupprecht+gnus200702 at
Fri Feb 16 18:18:36 CET 2007

It may be too early to ask, but I'll try anyway.  Does anyone know if
those pay-as-you-go prepaid gsm services will allow you to use your
own phone?  I couldn't resist the lure of the $30 Motorola C139
package that Cingular was selling ($20 phone, $10 service PIN and
SIM).  I was hoping I'd be able to move the SIM to the Neo when I got
it in my grubby little hands.  

After reading quite a few postings on various cellular forums it
appears that some gsm service suppliers like Trackfone lock down their
prepay service to only allow phones running official Trackfone
firmware to connect.

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